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LSAT Prep Course Options in Santa Clarita

From expert instruction to comprehensive resources, TestMasters provides everything you need to achieve a stellar LSAT score. Our San Fernando Valley LSAT prep course is conveniently held on the Cal State Northridge campus, making it the ideal option for CSUN undergrads as well as for residents of Santa Clarita.

60 hours of in-class instruction and 100 hours of online instruction
Over 9500 authentic LSAT questions (every question released since 1991)
20 full-length, five-section digital practice LSATs
Thousands of written and video explanations
Instructors who have scored in the 98th percentile or higher on an official LSAT
24/7 academic support from our team of expert
Curriculum designed by Robin Singh, the world-record holder for perfect LSAT scores
Personalized feedback on homework and practice exams
Online drills to help you master key concepts
All of our digital practice exams can be taken in both the standard and LSAT-Flex formats!Learn More

San Fernando Valley LSAT Course Schedules

June 7, 2021 LSAT Administration
View Calendar Spring Course Start Date: March 7, 2021 Enroll Now
We also offer LSAT classes in West L.A., Pasadena, Burbank, Downtown L.A., and Long Beach.

TestMasters LSAT Course Reviews

Devon Frankel | Cal State Northridge Before TestMasters 147 After TestMasters 158

“While the LSAT isn’t an exam that you can directly memorize, TestMasters gave me a comprehensive look at all the different types of questions, preparing me to spot patterns when I was deconstructing arguments. TestMasters has a huge variety of material with insighful and practical advice for understanding each type of prompt. My score went up more than I could have imagined and I have TestMasters to thank for it.”

Ivan Cao | UCLA Before TestMasters 161 After TestMasters 173

“I first took the LSAT in June 2009 without taking a prep class. Although my score of 161 was decent, I knew I could have done better given more time. So the day after receiving my LSAT score, I did my research on the best prep course available and enrolled in Testmasters shortly thereafter. Following the TestMasters approach to the different sections definitely increased my accuracy and efficiency for every type of question. When I took the LSAT again in September 2009, my score increased by twelve points. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that the hard work really paid off.”

Clay Cogman | Pepperdine University Before TestMasters 154 After TestMasters 166

“The TestMasters program offers students a unique opportunity to get a leg up on the LSAT. They accomplish this so well because unlike a great deal of prep courses and night programs, TestMasters is truly an educational experience. I came into the whole experience with a lot of questions and fears; I had never taken a test like this before. Each night in class, we would learn the ‘curriculum’ for the night (techniques, question types, rules, etc.) but along the way we were also given a prescribed methodology of thought as well. The techniques you learn in studying for this test are invaluable to confronting everyday problems and situations well beyond the test. Aside from the content, the teachers I encountered were pleasant, patient, punctual, professional and always willing to answer any number of questions about any number of things. Overall, I enjoyed the whole experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of taking the LSAT.”

Mary Kwon | UCLA Before TestMasters 157 After TestMasters 173

“When I first decided to take the LSAT and initially looked over the questions—especially the logic games—I was utterly bewildered. I had never seen anything like it in my life, and certainly didn’t know the first steps to approaching it. My first TestMasters class with Jeff Benjamin went a long way in assuaging this first shock, mostly because he was incredibly encouraging, optimistic and exhibited a comprehensive and deep understanding of the test. Everything he said in those classes made sense to me and helped me to think about these problems more systematically and accurately. I really appreciate the time he spent to return my e-mails and comb over my performance on diagnostics. Consequently, my score jumped from a 157 first diagnostic to 173 on the real deal in the span of just three short months. I would recommend Jeff—and TestMasters—to anyone who wants to beat the LSAT and meet his or her academic goals.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TestMasters offer online LSAT classes?

Yes! If you want to prepare for the LSAT at your own pace, the TestMasters Online LSAT Course teaches the same proven methods and comes with the same comprehensive course materials as the live course. Our instructors are also available to provide personalized assistance through our online portal.

How does TestMasters select and train its LSAT instructors?

TestMasters instructors are selected not only for their high LSAT scores, but also for their ability to convey critical concepts and make learning enjoyable. They must make it through a selective audition process followed by a rigorous 80-hour training program before ever setting foot in a class.

Are there any materials I need to buy before I take the TestMasters LSAT class?

No. As an official LSAC licensee, TestMasters provides you with every LSAT question that has been released since the advent of the 120-180 scoring scale.

Can I start a TestMasters LSAT class in one location and transfer to another?

Yes! Our lessons are the same in every location, so it's easy to make up missed classes in a different location or permanently switch from one location to another as long as the courses are being held in preparation for the same test administration.