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California LSAT Prep Course

The TestMasters live LSAT prep course in Westwood is always held either on or just off the campus of the UCLA. This location services students from all over Los Angeles, including those attending Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine University, Santa Monica College, and Cal State Long Beach. Our UCLA class in West LA is taught by veteran instructor Sam Lehman, who achieved a score of 179 on his LSAT.

The TestMasters LSAT prep course in Westwood features over 100 hours of class time, including over 80 hours of instruction, and 6 proctored diagnostics. Students also receive our 5 volumes of course books as well as 15 authentic, full-length practice LSAT exams. The Live Course also includes access to our Online Resource Center which features over 80 hours of instructional video by Robin Singh, thousands of written explanations, detailed score reports, and much more.

California LSAT Course Schedules

California Frequently Asked Questions

Does TestMasters offer private tutoring in Westwood?

Yes, TestMasters offers private tutoring in the West LA area. Our tutors are the best LSAT tutors in Westwood because every LSAT tutor has scored within the 98th percentile on an official LSAT exam, has extensive LSAT prep experience, and is also an instructor of our live West LA LSAT preparation courses. For more information on how you can get set up with one of our Westwood LSAT tutors, visit our LSAT private tutoring page or contact us at 800.696.5728.

Is Westwood TestMasters’ only location in greater Los Angeles for live LSAT prep?

No, we also hold live LSAT courses in Downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena, San Fernando Valley, Northridge and Burbank. Additionally, we have several course locations in the Inland Empire and Orange County.

Are TestMasters’ courses only for undergraduates?

TestMasters welcomes anyone to take our prep courses. Whether you’re an undergrad with your heart set on law school or you’re a professional looking for a career change, TestMasters can help you get the LSAT score you need to reach your goals.

What Our Students Say

I first took the LSAT in June 2009 without taking a prep class. As a full-time working professional, I rarely managed to piece together the time and discipline required to fully prepare for the LSAT. Although my score of 161 was decent, I knew I could have done better given more time. So the day after receiving my LSAT score, I did my research on the best prep course available and enrolled in TestMasters shortly thereafter. Following the TestMasters approach to the different sections definitely increased my accuracy and efficiency for every type of question. My instructor was passionate about her work and was very approachable before and after class. When I took the LSAT again in September 2009, my score increased by twelve points. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that the hard work really paid off.
This was my second time taking the LSAT, and the first time studying for it the way TestMasters showed me. Yes, I’ll admit, I’d taken TestMasters before, but not in the way I was supposed to. Incomplete homework and skipped classes weren’t then, and are not now, the way to approach this test. At TestMasters, there are no shortcuts and no tricks. That’s because the LSAT has no shortcuts and no tricks. What makes you score higher, is deep familiarity with each type of logical strand used on the "modern" LSAT. With TestMasters giving you every single problem since 1991, (the dawn of the modern LSAT) you have several thousand opportunities to make your skills taut. What really helped me was watching each explanation video of Robin Singh going through different questions, and then practicing that question or series of questions 2-3 times more to make sure I was solid on the concept. I can’t stress this enough: if you actively participate in class, utilize all the resources online, and actually do the work, your score will increase. Most likely by a lot. It is without hesitation that I recommend TestMasters.