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LSAT Prep Course Options in Newport News

With classes conveniently held just minutes away from the William & Mary campus, the TestMasters Williamsburg LSAT prep course is the perfect choice for W&M undergrads and residents of Newport News. Let our proven methodology and expert instruction help you achieve the amazing score you’re looking for!

45 hours of in-person classroom instruction
Course content developed by Robin Singh, the world-record holder for perfect LSAT scores
Instructors who have achieved LSAT scores in the 98th percentile or higher on an officially administered exam
20 full-length, four-section practice LSATs given in the digital format
Score reports that provide you with a detailed breakdown of your performance and timing
Written explanations for thousands of LSAT questions
150 hours of video instruction professionally filmed in live class settings
Drills and quizzes that help you develop the skills you'll need to succeed on test day
24/7 personalized assistance from our network of LSAT experts
Over 9500 authentic LSAT questions (every question LSAC has released since 1991)

Williamsburg LSAT Course Schedules

Our 2023 Williamsburg LSAT course schedules will be posted later this year.
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Other LSAT Course Options

Live Online
Our live online LSAT courses are taught via Zoom by elite instructors who have at least five years of TestMasters LSAT teaching experience.
Self–Paced Online
Our self–paced online LSAT course, which is taught by the world-record holder for perfect LSAT scores, is ideal for those who prefer to study on their own schedule.

TestMasters LSAT Course Reviews

Cassie Black | College of William & Mary Before TestMasters 167 After TestMasters 177

“TestMasters is an exceptional program. My instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and proved far superior to any preparatory book in the aid he provided. He was consistently available to offer thorough and clear explanations regarding difficult questions, and he offered comprehensive and invaluable advice regarding testing strategy. I afford the TestMasters organization and my instructor all of the credit for my performance and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such skilled professionals. I highly recommend TestMasters to anyone interested in taking the LSAT.”

Elyse Moy | College of William & Mary Before TestMasters 146 After TestMasters 168

“I found TestMasters to be invaluable to my LSAT prep. In addition to a searchable archive of every LSAT question ever published, TestMasters provides a score report for each test so you can see what types of questions you consistently struggle with. Instructors have access to this information so they can tailor reviews to students’ specific problems, and I often consulted the online academic support for further explanations. My instructor was really enthusiastic and always encouraged us not to be intimidated by the LSAT which made studying for it a lot less tedious.”

James Emanuel | College of William & Mary Before TestMasters 157 After TestMasters 167

“I could not be happier with the decision I made: after taking the TestMasters course, I raised my score 10 points to a 167. I am convinced that this score was integral in my admission to my top choice law school. TestMasters is different from other prep programs not only for its innovative techniques, but for its personal touch. This is evidenced by their academic support department, which allows students to confer with instructors regarding any LSAT questions they might have. I found all of the instructors to be incredibly helpful, courteous, and patient. After speaking with friends in other LSAT test prep courses, I am convinced that TestMasters is the best. I will continue to recommend this program to all of my friends who take the LSAT.”

Kelly Field | College of William & Mary Before TestMasters 152 After TestMasters 163

“When I was preparing to take the LSAT, I had no idea where to begin, but after doing some research online, I found TestMasters. I was a little dubious about signing up at first, since I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My teacher was incredibly helpful, engaging, and patient, and the classroom environment gave the course an enjoyably competitive feel. The course used 100% real LSAT materials, and really helped me understand what to expect on the actual test. It was a lot of work, between the weekend diagnostics and weekly homework, but it was definitely worth it in the end. Even with all the distractions and obligations that came with taking the course during the fall semester, I was still able to raise my score by eleven points, thanks to TestMasters.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does TestMasters choose its LSAT instructors?

TestMasters instructors are selected not only for their high LSAT scores, but also for their ability to convey critical concepts and make learning enjoyable. They must make it through a selective audition process followed by a rigorous 100-hour training program before ever setting foot in a class.

Does TestMasters offer private LSAT tutoring?

Yes! For students who want assistance outside of class, TestMasters offers one-on-one tutoring by the hour or in 10, 25, or 80-hour packages.

Can I start a TestMasters classroom LSAT class in one location and transfer to another?

Yes! Our lessons are the same in every location, so it's easy to make up missed classes in a different location or permanently switch from one location to another as long as the courses are being held in preparation for the same test administration.

Are there any materials I need to buy before I take the TestMasters LSAT class?

No. TestMasters provides everything you need to study for the LSAT. We license all of the LSAT questions that LSAC has made available and provide them to you in our course materials.