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Fairfax LSAT Prep Course

TestMasters’ LSAT prep courses have helped over 150,000 students achieve incredible score increases on the LSAT. Our Fairfax classes are conveniently located on the George Mason University campus and, as always, only the best LSAT instructors are employed to teach our world famous classes.

TestMasters Live LSAT Course

TestMasters has long been recognized as the best LSAT prep course in the industry. Our course features 160 hours of instruction (60 hours in-class plus 100 hours online), six proctored diagnostic exams and personalized diagnostic analysis, access to every LSAT question released since 1991 (over 9000 real LSAT questions), and an online resource center that includes thousands of pages of written LSAT explanations and 160 hours of video instruction by TestMasters course author Robin Singh. With TestMasters, you will have everything you need to achieve a competitive LSAT score!

Fairfax LSAT Course Schedules

November 17, 2018 LSAT Administration
View Calendar Autumn Course Start Date: September 15, 2018 Enroll Now
June 3, 2019 LSAT Administration
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We also offer LSAT classes in Arlington, Washington, D.C., College Park, and Baltimore.

The Best LSAT Instructors in Fairfax

Our LSAT prep courses in Fairfax are taught by Hailey Evans. Hailey scored in the 99th percentile on an official LSAT and has been teaching with TestMasters since 2010. She has taught over 20 live LSAT courses and has helped hundreds of TestMasters students improve their LSAT scores. TestMasters has the highest standards for our instructors, ensuring that they are LSAT experts and great teachers that can create both a fun and effective class environment.

TestMasters LSAT Course Reviews

Heba Tellawi | University of Virginia Before TestMasters 143 After TestMasters 163

“I recommend TestMasters completely. The course was very engaging and beneficial and the way it was taught made going to class enjoyable. It was especially important that we met twice a week, four hours at a time, so that when test day came I felt comfortable working for that long of a time period. The homework questions were extremely helpful because they were all from real exams. The diagnostics helped with timing and mental preparation for test day. TestMasters is the best in LSAT preparation.”

Ellen Hutchinson | George Washington University Before TestMasters 151 After TestMasters 165

“I was originally very hesitant about signing up for a class because I wasn’t sure the commitment of time and money would be worth it. I ended up choosing TestMasters because I had heard good things from friends, and I’m very glad I did. When I saw how comprehensive and organized the lessons were, I realized how much better off I was than had I chosen to try to study on my own. Looking at my LSAT score and comparing it to my very first diagnostic, I can’t imagine where I would be without TestMasters. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone thinking about taking a class.”

Russ Herman | Dartmouth Before TestMasters 165 After TestMasters 174

“As someone who was working full-time and preparing for the test, I would never have scored as high on the LSAT as I did without the TestMasters course. I went into the test prepared and relaxed thanks to TestMasters, and I am now in a position to apply to the top law schools. Their very practical approach to logical reasoning and logic games dramatically improved my score. My teachers were extremely knowledgeable about the test (almost obsessively so) and explained even the more difficult questions in a clear, step-by-step manner. TestMasters is by far the best course out there.”

Sam Norman | Virginia Tech Before TestMasters 152 After TestMasters 160

“I definitely made the right decision going with TestMasters for my LSAT preparation course. Everything about it was great, especially the instructor, who knew the material inside and out and was committed to going the extra mile to make sure we understood the material. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better instructor or experience with an LSAT preparation course. Through my hard work and with the help of TestMasters I was able to do well on the LSAT, which has led to acceptance letters from some of the nation’s best law schools.”

Fairfax LSAT Course FAQs

Is Fairfax the only location in which TestMasters holds live LSAT preparation courses?

No! TestMasters offers our live LSAT course in Washington, D.C., Arlington, Charlottesville, Richmond, Williamsburg, Norfolk, and in more than 100 other locations across the United States.

Would TestMasters allow me to start my LSAT prep course in Fairfax and transfer to a different location?

Yes! Once you enroll in a TestMasters LSAT course, you can attend any TestMasters class in any of our locations at no additional cost, as long as both classes are in preparation for the same LSAT test date.

Does TestMasters offer private LSAT tutoring in Fairfax?

Yes! All of our LSAT tutors have scored in the 98th percentile or higher on an official LSAT and have been thoroughly trained in the TestMasters methodology during our extensive instructor training session. For more information or to sign up for LSAT tutoring, please visit our LSAT private tutoring page or contact us at 800-696-5728.

Does TestMasters offer an Online LSAT Course?

Yes! If you wish to prepare for the LSAT at your own pace, the TestMasters Online LSAT Course teaches the same proven methods and comes with the same comprehensive course materials as the live LSAT course. Additionally, you can receive academic support from our faculty.