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LSAT Prep Options in Easton

For aspiring law students in Lafayette who are determined to get an edge on the competition, the TestMasters live online LSAT course is the perfect choice! Our highly experienced instructors, world-class resources, and proven methodology will help you achieve the incredible score you’re looking for.

45 hours of live online instruction
Curriculum created by Robin Singh, the world‑record holder for perfect LSAT scores
Instructors with at least 5 years of LSAT teaching experience and an official score in the 98th percentile or above
18 digital practice LSATs administered as full‑length, four‑section exams
Detailed score reports that track your performance and record the exact time you spent on each question
24/7 personalized support from our team of LSAT experts
80 hours of HD‑video course content professionally filmed in live class settings
Comprehensive written explanations for thousands of LSAT questions
Numerous drills and quizzes that test your understanding of the logic underlying the exam
Access to every LSAT question released by LSAC since 1991 (more than 7,500 total questions)

Live Online Course Schedules

Mid-Summer Course (Tu)
September 4-7, 2024 LSAT
Rachel Sheffield
  • Director of TestMasters Academic Support
  • Over 20 years of TestMasters teaching experience
  • Has taught the TestMasters course 83 times
  • Trains new LSAT instructors
  • Member of our Research & Development team
  • Scored a 177 on an officially administered LSAT
Start Date:
May 28, 2024
Mid-Summer Course (Su)
September 4-7, 2024 LSAT
Doug Lawrence
  • Over 20 years of TestMasters teaching experience
  • Has taught the TestMasters course 146 times
  • Has instructed over 3500 TestMasters students in California
  • Berkeley Law graduate
  • Scored a 173 on an officially administered LSAT
Start Date:
June 2, 2024
*one Thursday ()
Mid-Summer Course (Su/Th)
September 4-7, 2024 LSAT
Zach Maurer
  • Over 20 years of TestMasters teaching experience
  • Has taught the TestMasters course 36 times
  • Has instructed TestMasters students in live class settings in 14 different states
  • Scored a 173 on an officially administered LSAT
Start Date:
June 6, 2024

Self-Paced Online LSAT Course

The TestMasters self-paced online LSAT course is ideal for those who prefer to study on their own schedule. Our immersive video lessons give you the chance to learn directly from Robin Singh, the world-record holder for perfect LSAT scores. You'll also have on-demand access to all of our comprehensive resourcesincluding thousands of video and written explanations, numerous drills and quizzes, and 24/7 academic support.

LSAT Date Available Starting
August 7-10, 2024 Now
September 4-7, 2024 Now early start!
October 1-2 and 4-5, 2024 June 4, 2024 early start!
November 6-9, 2024 July 9, 2024 early start!
January 15-18, 2025 September 17, 2024 early start!

TestMasters LSAT Course Reviews

Melissa Heller | Lafayette College Before TestMasters 147 After TestMasters 164

“TestMasters was incredibly helpful in my preparation for the LSAT. Prior to taking the course in the summer going into my senior year, I had completed a book of logic games and logical reasoning. However, even when I was getting questions right, I didn’t know how I had arrived at the answer. The TestMasters instructors truly take the time to review all of the question types, and make sure that you understand why the answers are correct, and wrong answers are not. The homework and diagnostics help to build up your ability and confidence as the test date grows nearer. In the middle of the summer, after Diagnostic 3, I was stuck at 158 and was unsure if I could succeed on the LSAT. I remember being frustrated and upset, but ultimately I was able to use this to motivate myself and work harder on the homework and, with a personal tutor provided by TestMasters, I peaked during the last 3 weeks- 1 month leading up to the exam. After scoring in the low 160s, I was finally able to score consistently in the 163-165 range. The additional practice diagnostics TestMasters provides were helpful in getting used to the test, and in gauging my performance. On the final proctored diagnostic, I scored a 165. Because it was during the week before the actual LSAT, I was able to have the confidence I needed going into the test. Throughout the actual LSAT, I told myself this was just another TestMasters diagnostic. Thanks to the realistic atmosphere of the diagnostics, the only added pressure I felt was the night before the test. I am so thrilled with my score, and the teaching/training method of TestMasters.”

Philip Yarberough | Lafayette College Before TestMasters 154 After TestMasters 166

“When I first entered TestMasters, I realized that I was placing too much study time on the wrong areas of the LSAT. TestMasters helped redirect my focus, and allowed me to reallocate my time to study those areas that would be most likely to increase my score on the real exam. Also, the techniques that TestMasters teaches are invaluable. I can distinctly recall going back and correcting several answers during the actual LSAT examination after remembering techniques that my instructor had emphasized during our classes. The extra points that I scored, even from those few corrections, have opened doors for me to get into law schools that I didn’t believe I had a chance of getting accepted to before. Thank you, TestMasters!”

Elizabeth Freedman | University of Pennsylvania Before TestMasters 160 After TestMasters 172

“Thank you TestMasters for giving me a rewarding and fun LSAT experience! I did not expect to enjoy dedicating my summer to test preparation but I was certainly surprised. My instructor was engaging, approachable and used hilarious stories to demonstrate concepts. Not only did my classmates and I learn test-taking strategies, but we also were taught to have a complete understanding of logic. Each lesson was broken into palatable portions that kept me thinking and made me eager to continue practicing and applying what I had learned. Right away, I began thinking differently, noticing and understanding logic in both conversations and my reading. TestMasters prepared me thoroughly, giving me access to every real LSAT question in existence. After taking my test, I was calm and confident—I knew without a doubt that I had done well. TestMasters gives you every opportunity to master the LSAT and enough experience with real questions to bolster your confidence, which is necessary for test day. I would highly recommend this course to anyone taking the LSAT.”

Joe Lu | Columbia Before TestMasters 158 After TestMasters 171

“Even though I’d skimmed through a few LSAT prep books before enrolling in TestMasters, TestMasters taught me to approach problems in ways that I hadn’t ever considered. Really, TestMasters, I think, is the only source of LSAT information that anyone hoping to score well would need. Instructors were engaging and unafraid to challenge students. In all sincerity, I credit every point increase in my score to TestMasters. Most importantly, the course is honest, and if you put in the amount of work that the instructors expect you to, your score will reflect this process.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TestMasters offer law school admissions consulting?

Yes! Our admissions consulting services will provide you with personalized assistance on any part of your application. All of our consultants have been admitted to T14 law schools and are experts on the law school admissions process.

Should I buy my own LSAT study materials before my TestMasters class begins?

No. As an official LSAC licensee, TestMasters provides you with every LSAT question that has been released since the advent of the 120–180 scoring scale.

Does TestMasters provide LSAT tutoring services?

Yes! TestMasters provides one-on-one tutoring by the hour or in 10, 25, or 80-hour packages for students who want to work individually with one of our LSAT experts.

How does TestMasters choose its LSAT instructors?

After a rigorous screening and audition process, TestMasters trains its instructors for a minimum of 100 hours to ensure that they are not only LSAT experts but also experts at helping others succeed.