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East Lansing LSAT Prep Course

TestMasters’ East Lansing LSAT prep course is held right on the Michigan State University campus at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, making it the go-to option for MSU Spartans. Students in the area choose TestMasters for their LSAT preparation because of our unprecedented record of success.

TestMasters Live LSAT Course

TestMasters’ LSAT prep course has long been recognized as the finest in the industry. Compiling every single LSAT question released by the LSAC since 1991, TestMasters gives its students the most comprehensive set of materials available. Our full-length live course includes 160 hours of instruction (60 hours in-class plus 100 hours online), 6 proctored practice exams and personalized diagnostic reports, as well as access to an online resource center containing an additional 160 hours of videos. Choosing TestMasters is the first step toward achieving a competitive LSAT score.

East Lansing LSAT Course Schedules

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We also offer LSAT classes in Ann Arbor and Detroit.

The Best LSAT Instructors in East Lansing

TestMasters hires fewer than 10% of its LSAT instructor applicants. All TestMasters LSAT instructors have scored in the 98th percentile or higher on an officially administered LSAT and have successfully completed our rigorous 50-60 hour training program. You can be sure that your LSAT preparation will be provided by an expert LSAT instructor who not only makes class fun, but is also committed to helping you achieve an excellent LSAT score.

TestMasters LSAT Course Reviews

John DeVenter | Michigan State University Before TestMasters 159 After TestMasters 170

“TestMasters more than lives up to its reputation as the best prep course on the market. It wasn’t just the breadth of the TestMasters material, but also its meticulous organization that helped me study efficiently and effectively. But, at the heart of a good prep course are the instructors—and the TestMasters instructors are the best in the business. They not only teach you the content of the test, they also teach you how to mentally prepare for the grueling experience that is the LSAT.”

Matthew Robb | Michigan State University Before TestMasters 142 After TestMasters 157

“Taking a TestMasters course was the best decision that I could have made in preparing for the LSAT. When I took my first test I scored a 142 and was worried that no law school would be interested in my application. However, with the diligence and support of my instructor and the online resources made available through the TestMasters website, I was able to improve my score to a 157! It requires doing the homework and taking lots of practice tests at home under timed conditions, but with TestMasters anyone can improve.”

Maura Levine | University of Michigan Before TestMasters 143 After TestMasters 163

“I am so happy I chose TestMasters to prep for the LSAT. The program was very organized, which aided in my feeling comfortable with the test and reduced my test anxiety. My instructor was approachable, competent, flexible and willing to explain things in many ways if students didn’t understand. The course was well worth the cost and I am grateful for my helpful instructor and the entire TestMasters staff.”

Ismail Hebah | Harvard Before TestMasters 158 After TestMasters 173

“TestMasters gives you thorough preparation for the exam. Every type of question to be expected on the exam is dissected and explained. When I finally took the exam, I felt like I was taking another practice exam. There were no surprises. Now when my friends say they are interested in law school, there’s only one piece of advice that I give them regarding the LSAT: take TestMasters.”

East Lansing LSAT Course FAQs

Does TestMasters offer LSAT prep courses in locations other than East Lansing?

Yes! TestMasters offers our live LSAT course at more than 100 locations across the United States. In Michigan, the TestMasters live LSAT course is also held in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan and in Detroit at Wayne State University.

Would TestMasters allow me to start my LSAT prep course in East Lansing and transfer to a different location?

Yes! Once you enroll in a TestMasters LSAT course, you can attend any TestMasters class in any of our locations at no additional cost, as long as both classes are in preparation for the same LSAT test date.

Does TestMasters offer private LSAT tutoring in East Lansing?

Yes! All of our LSAT tutors have scored in the 98th percentile or higher on an official LSAT and have been thoroughly trained in the TestMasters methodology during our extensive instructor training session. For more information or to sign up for LSAT tutoring, please visit our LSAT private tutoring page or contact us at 800-696-5728.

Does TestMasters offer an Online LSAT Course?

Yes! If you wish to prepare for the LSAT at your own pace, the TestMasters Online LSAT Course teaches the same proven methods and comes with the same comprehensive course materials as the live LSAT course. Additionally, you can receive academic support from our faculty.