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Baltimore LSAT Prep Course

Since 2002, TestMasters has offered unparalleled LSAT prep in the Baltimore area, reaching students from the University of Baltimore, Towson University, Johns Hopkins, UMD Baltimore County, and many others. TestMasters is committed to helping students in the Baltimore area feel confident in their LSAT preparation and ace the test. For students’ convenience, we also offer our LSAT courses in College Park and Washington D.C.

TestMasters Live LSAT Course

TestMasters’ live LSAT prep course is the finest around, 160 hours of instruction (60 hours in-class plus 100 hours online), six proctored diagnostic exams, and access to every single authentic LSAT question released since 1991. Combine that with an online resource center that includes thousands of pages of written explanations and 160 hours of video instruction, and you have the most comprehensive LSAT course in the industry.

Baltimore LSAT Course Schedules

June 3, 2019 LSAT Administration
View Calendar Spring Course Start Date: March 3, 2019 Enroll Now
September 21, 2019 LSAT Administration
View Calendar Summer Course Start Date: July 11, 2019 Enroll Now
We also offer LSAT classes in College Park and Washington, D.C..

The Best LSAT Instructors in Baltimore

If you’re looking to learn from a true LSAT expert, look no further. TestMasters hires less than 10% of qualified instructor applicants. Each and every one of our instructors must score in the 98th percentile or higher on an officially administered LSAT and undergo a rigorous 60-hour training program overseen by our founder and course author, Robin Singh. Each of our LSAT instructors knows the exam inside and out, and is prepared to tackle any question you throw their way.

TestMasters LSAT Course Reviews

Daniel Seabolt | Towson University Before TestMasters 142 After TestMasters 160

“I couldn’t be more happy with my choice to take the TestMasters LSAT prep course. Between the in-class instruction, online resources, and live academic support I was able to increase my score by nearly 20 points! My instructor, Chloe Hurley, really knew what she was doing, took time to really ensure every student was on the same page before moving on, and could answer any question that was thrown at her. The test was hard, but I felt secure knowing I had such great training at TestMasters.”

Thomas Burke | Loyola University Maryland Before TestMasters 150 After TestMasters 170

“The course material is one of TestMasters’ strengths. Another is its top-notch instructors. They explain the material succinctly and work hard to answer any questions you may have. They even offer solid advice on how to prepare for test day conditions and what to expect at the test center. I seriously despised everything LSAT before taking this course. Now—don’t tell my friends—I do LSAT questions for fun.”

Danielle Jaffee | University of Maryland Before TestMasters 150 After TestMasters 164

“Everyone I talked to that took a course to prepare for the test hands-down recommended TestMasters and couldn’t stop singing its praises. After my experience with TestMasters, I will definitely be joining them. Not only was my instructor extremely smart, he was also enthusiastic and personable. I certainly couldn’t have done this on my own!”

Mike Jacobson | Georgetown Before TestMasters 159 After TestMasters 175

“A number of my friends had positive experiences with the course, and I was told that it was the best and most thorough course around. Even with these high expectations going in, I was not disappointed. TestMasters gave me all the tools that I needed to ace the LSAT. If it weren’t for my instructor and the TestMasters curriculum, I know I would not enjoy the options I now have in applying to law schools.”

Baltimore LSAT Course FAQs

Does TestMasters offer LSAT courses outside of Baltimore?

Yes! TestMasters offers our live LSAT course in College Park and at more than 100 other locations across the United States!

Would TestMasters allow me to start my LSAT prep course in Baltimore and transfer to a different location?

Yes! Once you enroll in a TestMasters LSAT course, you can attend any TestMasters class in any of our locations at no additional cost, as long as both classes are in preparation for the same LSAT test date.

Does TestMasters offer private LSAT tutoring in Baltimore?

Yes! All of our LSAT tutors have scored in the 98th percentile or higher on an official LSAT and have been thoroughly trained in the TestMasters methodology during our extensive instructor training session. For more information or to sign up for LSAT tutoring, please visit our LSAT private tutoring page or contact us at 800-696-5728.

Does TestMasters offer an Online LSAT Course?

Yes! If you wish to prepare for the LSAT at your own pace, the TestMasters Online LSAT Course teaches the same proven methods and comes with the same comprehensive course materials as the live LSAT course. Additionally, you can receive academic support from our faculty.