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LSAT Course Materials

The TestMasters course materials are unmatched in quality and virtually endless. If you put in the work, your score will improve.

TestMasters LSAT Lessons and Homework

Lessons and Homework

The TestMasters course features thousands of questions that are strategically arranged to ensure that you develop a deep understanding of the LSAT. In each lesson you’ll learn important LSAT concepts which are reinforced in the extensive homework assignments that follow. The careful organization of our course material will help you quickly recognize the patterns and themes that underlie each section of the test.

TestMasters LSAT Course Video Explanations

Video Instruction

TestMasters has produced over 150 hours of high-definition videos featuring course creator Robin Singh. In these videos, which were professionally filmed in live classroom settings, Robin teaches all fifteen lessons of the TestMasters course and covers some of the most challenging problems in the homework. He frequently interacts with and takes questions from the students in the classes, all of whom are miked. Watch the videos at your convenience and learn directly from the all‑time master of the LSAT.

TestMasters LSAT Course Written Explanations

Written Explanations

TestMasters has created thousands of pages of written explanations that not only help students with the question at hand, but also illustrate methods for answering future questions correctly. Our logic games explanations use an innovative diagramming system which allows students to solve problems visually; our logical reasoning explanations teach students how to get the right answer efficiently and avoid compelling sucker choices; and our reading comprehension line reference notes show students exactly where to look in the passage for the information that establishes the correct answer choice.

TestMasters LSAT Course Score Report

Diagnostic Scoring

To score their best on the LSAT, students need lots of practice under timed conditions, especially in the weeks leading up to the test. That’s why we provide our students with twenty full-length, four‑section diagnostics. Our online scoring system instantly generates detailed score reports that classify each question by type, enabling students to pinpoint areas that require further study. In addition, our score reports provide valuable data about the relative difficulty of each question by showing the percentage of students who select each answer choice.

TestMasters LSAT Course Search Engine

LSAT Search Engine

TestMasters students prepare more efficiently than their counterparts in other programs. Students shouldn’t have to waste time sifting though volumes of LSAT questions to find a specific one they want to review. At TestMasters this isn’t a problem, since every LSAT question from the past 29 years is at your fingertips. If you’re looking for that Senegalese gold question or the logic game about alphabet soup, our search engine makes it easy. We are the only company that has this feature.

Our course includes numerous other features, such as our famous database of flawed reasoning methods and a dynamic quiz that builds LSAT vocabulary. We also provide students with lesson plans that guide them through each part of the course.