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Claremont McKenna College

Before TestMasters: 149

After TestMasters: 161

“After comparing my preparation for the LSAT against the methods used by my friends, I found that TestMasters gave me several distinct advantages that greatly facilitated my 12-point score improvement. First, the online resource center provided me with numerous study tools that were not available elsewhere. Specifically, I was able to clearly see the question types I was consistently missing on practice tests and correct my mistakes by watching detailed video explanations. Second, my instructor provided personalized attention to each student and shared personal insights that he had developed while he was studying for the test. His knowledge of the test and the process he used to attack each question were quickly and easily integrated into my own strategy. Lastly, the TestMasters course was organized in a way that enabled me to reach my peak performance right at test day. About two weeks before the test I saw a 5-point jump in my scores, as a direct result of the timing techniques that were slowly developed throughout the course. In sum, I feel very fortunate to have prepared for the LSAT with TestMasters and I am completely satisfied with my improvement and final score.”