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University of Florida

Before TestMasters: 149

After TestMasters: 162

“I heard of TestMasters from a couple of friends who had just been accepted to the law schools of their choice. They told me it was the absolute best in that you’re shown real LSAT problems, and that is strictly what you practice on. I couldn’t see why anyone would choose to learn off of something other than the actual test, so I signed up.

The course showed me great techniques, and supplied PLENTY of practice problems to perfect them. All the while, I always felt that I had enough material to keep me more than occupied. After I finished all the work in my books, my friends and I did practice tests, and using the score reports, we could see where our problem areas were. After much practice doing timed sections of the reading passages, I was able to comfortably read and finish all four passages in a section, and increased the percentage of problems I got correct.

Also from the score reports, I could see which type of Logical Reasoning questions I was getting wrong most often. With the supplemental problems on the TestMasters website, I could focus strictly on the ones where I was having the most difficulty. After LOTS of practice with those, I would finish out the day with a timed supplemental Logical Reasoning section to work on my timing, and as time went along, I could see improvement.

Although I was locked away in the library from open to close every day, I would feel better at the end of the day, since I was improving and feeling more comfortable with the material. By the time the big day was here, I wasn’t nervous. Well, I was a little nervous, but not really. I had taken so many full-length practice tests and extra sections that it was second nature to focus for 35 minutes.

TestMasters gave me the tools and materials to do well, all you have to do is actually use them and give yourself some discipline. Thank you TestMasters!”