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Pomona College

Before TestMasters: 155

After TestMasters: 171

“Signing up for TestMasters was the best decision that I have made. TestMasters offers you a tested and proven approach to studying the LSAT, excellent instructors, great resources, and full support. What I needed most was the structure and the ability to take timed tests with real students next to me. Yes, you can get this at other companies, but TestMasters offers you this and so much more. You get the opportunity to learn from Robin Singh, you have brilliant instructors who are willing to answer all of your questions during and after class as if you were being privately tutored, and you have REAL tests and questions. I was able to score 171 on my LSAT, an amazing 16-point increase from when I first started studying. I know I could have done even better, which only shows how amazing TestMasters is. At this point, it doesn’t even matter if I could have done better, I’m done. I did great. And I’d like to thank TestMasters for its contribution to this achievement.”