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UC Santa Barbara

Before TestMasters: 157

After TestMasters: 168

“Before enrolling in TestMasters I had zero experience with the LSAT and I was obviously extremely nervous about taking the test. After my first diagnostic test I was a bit bummed because it was simply not high enough to realistically get into the schools I was really interested in. I had worked hard for so long on my grades and volunteer projects, and I didn’t want a low LSAT score to hold me back. I took the course very seriously and did all of the assignments. I was determined to do everything because I did not want to look back after the test and regret anything. I wanted to know I had truthfully given it my all. This effort paid off and I watched my score steadily improve. A few weeks before the LSAT I started taking the extra practice tests and I became really comfortable with the test. My scores were also becoming very consistent which boosted my confidence. By the time test day rolled around I felt ready! This preparedness definitely helped me during the actual test because I was not caught off guard by anything and felt calm throughout. When my score finally arrived I was not surprised because it was around the same score I had been getting on my practice tests. TestMasters was a great investment because so many new doors open up with the slightest score increase, and I had an eleven point increase!!! I am now applying to my dream schools and am excited about the future.”