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Saint Louis University

Before TestMasters: 150

After TestMasters: 164

“I knew I wanted to take the June LSAT, but I had a very busy spring semester at school which included a full schedule of classes, a part-time internship, and various volunteer requirements. I knew I needed a test prep course if I was ever going to get ready for the LSAT, but I wanted to a course where I would get the most for my precious time and money. After doing a little research, I decided TestMasters would be the best fit, and I was correct. I never could have achieved the score I did if I hadn’t used TestMasters. One reason why I chose TestMasters was the quality of its instructors. All instructors have scored in the top percentiles on the LSAT and have gone through rigorous training so they can answer any question you have. Due to the small class size, I received personal attention from my instructor that I don’t believe I would have received at another company. When I scored poorly on a diagnostic midway through the course, my instructor sat down with me after class so that we could discuss what I could do to ensure the same thing wouldn’t happen on test day (and it didn’t!). Granted, I did have to put in large amounts of study time outside of class to achieve a score I would be happy with, but TestMasters gave me every resource I needed to do just that. TestMasters provided me with more real LSAT questions than I ever needed. If I was having trouble with a particular type of question, there were hundreds more just like it for me to work on until I mastered the concept. The best thing about TestMasters, though? I went to the classes, put in the time studying outside of class, used all of the resources provided, and now I never have to take the LSAT again!”