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Pomona College

Before TestMasters: 156

After TestMasters: 168

“I had always heard that TestMasters was the best LSAT test prep company, and I was not disappointed. I’ve sat in on free LSAT classes from various other companies during college and was relieved that TestMasters is actually devoted to students mastering the material, rather than teaching them tricks. From an initial score of 156, I went up to 168, which will undeniably open up options for my future. TestMasters allows you to max out your score, and gives you all the resources and much of the structure a driven student needs to accomplish this. My teacher was superb. He just poured energy into the classroom, and was focused on having every student truly understand how to master problems. We were given the tools to approach any problem successfully, and that’s the peace of mind you want to have on test day. If it is important to you to do well on the LSAT and you are willing to put in the work, take TestMasters.”