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Before TestMasters: 157

After TestMasters: 170

“TestMasters is a solid, well-executed, and professional program. On my first practice LSAT, I got a 157. On the real thing, two months later, I got a 170. I would not have increased my score by that much if it weren’t for the TestMasters program. My advice for people who are going to take the LSAT and enroll in TestMasters to prepare for it is the following:

1. Take it as seriously as you can. I say ‘as you can’ because not everyone can dedicate the same amount of time to studying for the LSAT. I was lucky because I was unemployed and my girlfriend was away for 2 months — I literally had nothing to do but study for the exam. I know a lot of other people had jobs or school to contend with, and that eats up a lot of time. Give as much time as you can to studying — you owe it to yourself to do as well as you can on this exam as you are capable of. The LSAT is a big, big deal and your score on it matters.

2. Focus on what you need to work on. When I started, I was missing half of the games sections. On the real exam, I missed one question. Part of what got me to that was focusing on games and skipping other material that I didn’t have as many problems with. With a more prudent timeline (my 2 months to prepare for the LSAT was cutting it close), it is better to study everything TestMasters throws at you. But in reality, most people don’t have that kind of time.

3. On test day, as Robin Singh said, you’ve got to work harder than you’ve ever worked before. Plain as it may sound, that advice helped me on the day of the test. You’ve really got to show up.

Hope this helps!”