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University of Oregon

Before TestMasters: 148

After TestMasters: 166

“I went into my TestMasters class absolutely terrified. I was horrible at logic games and if you had asked me in July, I would have told you I would undoubtedly fail that section of the test. On the first diagnostic I didn’t get one logic game question correct. It made me doubt whether I even wanted to be a lawyer. But about halfway through the class I suddenly realized I not only improving, but I was making significant headway on logic games. I’m proud to say I whizzed through that section when I took the real LSAT in October. What was my biggest hurdle became the section in which I was most confident. I could never have done that without the repetition and hands-on instruction my TestMasters instructor gave me. It was a challenging and frustrating class at times, but in the weeks before the LSAT I became calm and confident, and thanks to all the diagnostics I took through TestMasters, my actual LSAT score amazed me—I thought I might improve 8 or 10 points, but I improved 18. Now I am getting letters from schools like UCLA, Duke, and the University of Virginia congratulating me on my score and inviting me to apply for free. I never thought I’d be one to write one of these testimonials, but I never could have done this without TestMasters. TestMasters buys the rights to all previous LSAT questions and uses those in class, on weekend diagnostics, and on the homework to teach students what they can really expect to see on the LSAT. By the end of the class, we had seen every logic game question in existence, and spent between 8 and 12 hours a week with an instructor. If I can give future LSAT takers a piece of advice, it’s to remain calm, trust that you will learn the material in time, and take TestMasters over other courses because it’s more than worth the money and the time you put into it.”