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Clemson University

Before TestMasters: 154

After TestMasters: 167

“TestMasters was the best decision I made in preparation for the LSAT. The course played a crucial role in the improvement of my score. On the first diagnostic I scored a 154. This was somewhat disappointing because I had been studying for the LSAT for two months prior to the course. However, TestMasters not only improved my score, but my confidence that I will succeed at law school. I really like that TestMasters uses the most difficult questions on the LSAT to teach, because it allowed you to be prepared for any question. My teacher Shawna Williams genuinely cared about us and would stay before and after a four-hour class to help any student who had questions. I recommend TestMasters to anyone who wants to maximize their probability of success on the LSAT! I know I did because my score improved 13 points to a 167.”