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University of Michigan

Before TestMasters: 160

After TestMasters: 175

“When I received my diagnostic score of 160, I thought to myself that maybe 170 would be attainable with lots of hard work. Now I am sitting here with a 175 with many law school options available to me that I never would have dreamed of before taking the LSAT. The formula for such success consists of attending every TestMasters class, absorbing the methods taught in class, and applying these methods outside the classroom on the endless number of real LSAT questions that TestMasters provides. TestMasters gives you the problem-solving methods necessary to attack any LSAT question. Some of the methods may not come naturally at first, but you will pick up these skills with continued effort and dedication. And TestMasters provided me with more than just methods for answering questions. My instructor was able to guide my class through the final weeks of preparation and he gave us helpful tips for test day that eliminated any elements of surprise. I am truly thankful to everyone at TestMasters for helping me achieve the LSAT score of my dreams. I can’t imagine having taken any other prep course.”