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Villanova University

Before TestMasters: 153

After TestMasters: 165

“Before taking TestMasters I had never looked at an LSAT and my expectations of the test were based solely on rumors. I was dreading the actual test day and simply saw it as a hurdle to overcome before applying to law school. Thanks to TestMasters, I went to the actual LSAT confident and prepared because of the amount of real LSAT questions provided in the course materials and an extremely well prepared TestMasters instructor. My instructor’s ability to explain any question that was posed to him by the class and his willingness to hold question and answer sessions outside the normal class time was phenomenal. The quality of instruction, the TestMasters methods, and the pure amount of prep materials enabled me to raise my score and become competitive at schools that weren’t on my original application list. If you are serious about law school and willing to put in the time to adequately prepare for the LSAT, then taking TestMasters will definitely reward you with a higher score and access to better schools and greater career opportunities.”