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Auburn University

Before TestMasters: 146

After TestMasters: 160

“I was told by a good friend about TestMasters; he swore by their techniques. I took the plunge and paid the full amount for the course, so there was no turning back.

After raising my score 14 points and getting myself into the top 20% of test takers, I am now looking at schools I only dreamt of attending before the course. Additionally, the money that I spent on the course will be more than made up for by the fee waivers and scholarships I have coming my way! The best piece of advice I can give anyone is to not look at the course as throwing money away, but as an investment into your future because that is exactly what it is; it is helping you better your chances of getting into a better law program and obtain scholarships some only dream about. You will go into the LSAT with knowledge others can only imagine having, and while you are sitting there waiting for the test to begin, you will overhear others’ “strategies” and just laugh because they will be making the same mistakes you were before the TestMasters course.”