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Before TestMasters: 164

After TestMasters: 179

“My first encounter with the LSAT was downloading and taking the free test available on the LSAC’s website. I panicked during the logic games section, and struggled to finish everything in the time allotted. My score was respectable but not as high as the score I knew I would need to get to be an attractive candidate to top law schools. Initially, I planned to prepare for the exam with just an LSAT prep book. However, my mother heard good things about TestMasters and offered to pay for the course for me. ‘Why not?’, I thought. When I looked at the mountain of coursework from TestMasters, I wondered what I had gotten myself into, But after starting the course, I knew I’d made the right choice. They taught several techniques that allowed me to understand the test questions better and answer them quickly. I particularly found it helpful to learn how to diagram logic games questions and logic reasoning questions involving necessary and sufficient conditions. The diagnostic exams were helpful as well. Taking them helped me develop a good sense of timing, and seeing my score increase on later tests built my confidence. When I took the actual LSAT, I felt very well-prepared and calm and finished each section early. I am thrilled with my score and feel that the TestMasters course was much more beneficial than any book would have been.”