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University of Pennsylvania

Before TestMasters: 148

After TestMasters: 168

“TestMasters is, by far, the best LSAT prep course. The teachers are superb, the course is rigorous yet manageable, and all of the materials are comprised of real LSAT questions. I took the course in Washington, DC with Genevieve Parshalle. She knew the material inside and out, was able to explain situations in a variety of ways to ensure that every student understood the question and answer, and was always willing to respond to individual questions before and after class. The TestMasters course itself is efficient and unbelievably thorough. I did not feel like a minute of class time was ever wasted and I felt prepared to answer any and all question types. Additionally, unlike other courses, the TestMasters lesson and homework questions are taken directly from old LSAT tests, which allows for the best preparation possible. I recommend TestMasters to everyone who is interested in significantly increasing their LSAT score!”