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Before TestMasters: 151

After TestMasters: 162

“When I first took the LSAT I scored 151, exactly the average. While most people would strive to achieve higher than mediocrity, I took pride in it. I was extremely pleased that I obtained the average score. Not only was I typical, but I was also not substandard. Since I was working while taking the TestMasters LSAT preparatory course, I didn’t have time to finish much of the homework. In fact, I finished exactly one and a half lessons worth of homework. I was far too tired after work to further my learning through practice, and I decided to depend solely on the lectures to improve my score. If my strategy of absorbing information only through the lectures failed, then I still had my pleasantly average score of 151. By the time I finished the course and took the LSAT, I received a 162. I was floored. To increase my score by eleven points without doing any homework gave me more of a sense of shock than a sense of accomplishment. However, this just proves how effective the lectures are. Even if one doesn’t have time to invest in the homework, studying with TestMasters for their lectures alone may be enough to boost one’s score substantially.”