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New York University

Before TestMasters: 154

After TestMasters: 171

“Taking the TestMasters course was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I scored a 154 on my first diagnostic and then scored a 171 on the actual LSAT. Achieving a score in the 98th percentile simply would not have happened without the instruction and guidance provided by TestMasters. Is the score increase alone not enough evidence for you? If not, let me show you why TestMasters was the cause of this increase. First, my 154 was not a ‘cold’ score. While an undergraduate, I took two diagnostic LSATs and received similar scores: 154 and 155, respectively. After these two diagnostics, I spent a considerable amount of time using a variety of different LSAT-prep materials from other ‘leading’ LSAT prep companies. In addition to using these materials, I’ve also taken numerous courses in advanced symbolic logic and have taught a course in symbolic logic to undergraduate students while I was in graduate school. Neither my mastery of symbolic logic nor my time spent using other test prep materials translated to increased success on the LSAT, as evidenced by my 154 diagnostic prior to beginning the TestMasters course. The reasons why TestMasters improved my score: (1) the quality of the content of the course, the way in which Robin has broken down the key concepts tested on the LSAT is simply second to none that I’ve ever seen or used when prepping for the LSAT or teaching symbolic logic; (2) the large amount of practice problems and supplemental tests provided (all of which are LSAC questions actually used on previous administered LSAT exams); (3) the excellent additional online resources provided, including videos or written explanations for almost every LSAT problem you will encounter; (4) the professionalism of the TestMasters employees whenever I needed to call to ask a question or whenever I needed help with administrative issues; and, most importantly, (5) the excellent instructors. I started the course in one location and finished in another; both were excellent and very approachable. Simply put, take TestMasters if you want to improve on the LSAT.”