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Lafayette College

Before TestMasters: 147

After TestMasters: 164

“TestMasters was incredibly helpful in my preparation for the LSAT. Prior to taking the course in the summer going into my senior year, I had completed a book of logic games and logical reasoning. However, even when I was getting questions right, I didn’t know how I had arrived at the answer. The TestMasters instructors truly take the time to review all of the question types, and make sure that you understand why the answers are correct, and wrong answers are not. The homework and diagnostics help to build up your ability and confidence as the test date grows nearer. In the middle of the summer, after Diagnostic 3, I was stuck at 158 and was unsure if I could succeed on the LSAT. I remember being frustrated and upset, but ultimately I was able to use this to motivate myself and work harder on the homework and, with a personal tutor provided by TestMasters, I peaked during the last 3 weeks- 1 month leading up to the exam. After scoring in the low 160s, I was finally able to score consistently in the 163-165 range. The additional practice diagnostics TestMasters provides were helpful in getting used to the test, and in gauging my performance. On the final proctored diagnostic, I scored a 165. Because it was during the week before the actual LSAT, I was able to have the confidence I needed going into the test. Throughout the actual LSAT, I told myself this was just another TestMasters diagnostic. Thanks to the realistic atmosphere of the diagnostics, the only added pressure I felt was the night before the test. I am so thrilled with my score, and the teaching/training method of TestMasters.”