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Claremont McKenna College

Before TestMasters: 159

After TestMasters: 170

“I am not a good standardized test taker. Acting on the advice of a friend, I turned to TestMasters to prepare me for the LSAT. The TestMasters program exceeded all of my expectations. My instructor was available at all hours, literally! He gave out his e-mail address, facebook address, and even his phone number so as to be available to students whenever questions arose. The Monday before my LSAT, I missed class. I facebooked my instructor to see if I missed anything critically important covered in that session. He responded within two hours with his phone number and told me to call him to discuss a few important concepts covered in the previous session. He then took half an hour out of his day to help me. I never anticipated that level of personal attention or investment from my instructor. Beyond the accessibility of instructors, the value of TestMasters is also a derivative of the insatiable amount of material available on their website. If you take Test Masters, you will never have to purchase supplemental materials—everything you could ever want or need is available to you online for no additional fee. TestMasters made the difference for me, as my LSAT score went up 11 points from my first diagnostic. I am recommending TestMasters to all of my friends, it is truly the premier LSAT prep course.”