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Florida Atlantic University

Before TestMasters: 150

After TestMasters: 161

“As it became time for me to begin applying to law schools, I began to realize the importance of a high LSAT score. I considered a number of different test preparation companies, all the while concerned about the quality of instruction I would receive from their course. I later found TestMasters advertising at a debate tournament I was attending, and was impressed by their claim that the founder held the world record for the most perfect LSAT scores. The more I looked into the company, the more reassured I was that I would be getting excellent instruction and quality preparation for the LSAT. TestMasters exceeded those expectations.

The instructors, all of whom have scored in the 98th or 99th percentile of LSAT takers, are very knowledgeable not only about the composition and expectations of the LSAT, but also of the needs of their students. The use of only previously tested LSAT questions ensured that I encountered no surprises on the actual test. By the time the course was over, I knew that I was ready to demolish the LSAT. The score I received on my LSAT was one I could not have received without TestMasters, and I am forever indebted to my instructors and TestMasters for the excellent career in law they have made available to me.”