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Boston University

Before TestMasters: 160

After TestMasters: 167

“The LSAT doesn’t have to be a confusing and complex experience. As TestMasters showed me, it can be broken down into simple and understandable terms. Instead of solely relying on tricks and shortcuts, TestMasters created a system that stresses true understanding of the logical principles behind the test. My LSAT success story required extensive study outside of the classroom and TestMasters provided me with every available LSAT question. My favorite aspect of the course was my instructor, Jason. Not only was he incredibly bright and proficient at explaining the dense material on the test, but he also genuinely cared for the students in the class. He encouraged us to contact him after the class ends to let him know how we did. In fact, every person at TestMasters was a pleasure to deal with. While I had a fairly strong initial diagnostic, TestMasters helped me reach the next level, and the acceptance letters have already started rolling in. Thanks for everything!”