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UC Davis

Before TestMasters: 160

After TestMasters: 168

“Law school applicants come from a variety of backgrounds, with different strengths and weaknesses, but the LSAT serves as the gatekeeper to this high-paced world, regardless of the applicant’s specific circumstances. On the first day of my TestMasters course, we learned that law schools use the LSAT more than any other factor to determine whether to accept or reject a candidate, relying on that score to constitute up to 80% of their opinion of you. Upon hearing this, the class fell silent. We were shocked to know that so much of our undergraduate experience would be marginalized and replaced with a three digit number. I was up for the challenge and TestMasters provided exactly the sort of tools and confidence I needed to succeed.

Over the course of three months, TestMasters lead me through every trap the Law School Admission Council has ever set since the first LSAT was administered in the United States. At times, the practice problems seemed excessive and the material overwhelmed me, but the course kept on moving. The instructor encouraged us by explaining the intentions behind every word on the test, and gave me the impression that the possibility of mastering the exam was within reach. Beyond the lessons on technique and timing, TestMasters provided insight into the psychology of the test creators. I was surprised to find the answers becoming easier and easier to decode with each passing week. I began to find it absurd that I had ever answered a logic game question wrong.

By the end of the course, my score had risen eight points. I consider any exam prep course to be an investment in my future because a higher score will result in acceptance at higher rated schools which grant access to higher paying positions upon graduation. TestMasters was worth every penny. Only one week after receiving my scores from the September test, I began to receive requests from my top choice law school, offering to waive my application fee if I would only apply. TestMasters helped to turn what could have been a five-hour nightmare into a manageable challenge. The course is designed to promote self-analysis and helps students every step of the way.”