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Williams College

Before TestMasters: 152

After TestMasters: 171

“My experience with TestMasters was so positive that I found myself advertising the course at my actual LSAT examination. I came into the course assuming I would have no problem scoring about 170 because I’ve always been good at standardized tests. On my diagnostic, I scored a 152 and was almost ready to give up the law school dream altogether. But after ten weeks with eight hours of instruction and at least eight hours of homework each week, my score went up to a 171. What I loved about TestMasters is that in every class we weren’t learning tricks to magically do better on this test; instead, we were just learning the approaches one must take to different types of questions, learning to see flawed reasoning, learning techniques needed on logic games to do them quickly and strategies for reading style on the reading comprehension. The materials TestMasters gives its students access to are endless. Even if one has done every single homework problem and every single practice LSAT, you can still find hours of practice problems in all three subject areas to do in the weeks leading up to the LSAT. The academic support service that students can use at any time is just the last detail that makes TestMasters amazing. I highly and unconditionally recommend TestMasters.”