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Fordham University

Before TestMasters: 149

After TestMasters: 170

“If you sign up for TestMasters, be prepared…this course is rigorous. Do not sign up for it unless you have several hours a day to hone in on the techniques they teach. This course contains no gimmicks or tricks. It progresses like a math class—often, you’ll be taught skills and concepts in class that build upon previous lessons. It’s the type of learning where an hour or so of practice each day benefits the student far more than cramming 10 hours of HW into a day or two each week. This is because you will be developing an actual skill set to methodically analyze new, challenging and diverse questions—not just relying on pure repetition to increase your score. Even though this is true, you will still see every question type hundreds of times and invest well over 200 hours into the LSAT by the end of this course as well.

I found that every LSAT had its own unique curveballs and subtleties, and TestMasters taught me to recognize these scenarios and exploit them to my advantage when appropriate. Every question used in class and the homework comes from a real LSAT previously administered by the LSAC. By the end of the course, there was not a single question (out of thousands) I got wrong that my instructor or the academic support staff was unable to help me with. They understand all the questions with stunning accuracy and are extremely talented at explaining the logic behind any question. No question felt like it was outside my understanding or capability by the end of the course.

I also thought my instructor went the extra mile and took his job very seriously. It was clear that he took everyone’s score as a personal reflection of his own skills as a teacher. His confidence in our abilities as his class as well as during private conversations with him was very reassuring and appreciated. I never felt uncomfortable venting or having a private mild freak out moment with him when test day seemed so close (thank you for your patience Jeff—you are the man!).

At the end of the course I was really psyched to take my exam. After many diagnostic exams at simulated test centers and months of practice, the real test day felt like a routine Saturday. It was a surprisingly comfortable and familiar experience once I sat down to take the exam in spite of my nervousness leading up to it. I went from a first diagnostic score of 149 (40th percentile) to a final score 164 (90th percentile) on test day. My increase in score jumped me over half of all LSAT test takers and it’s all due to this course.

This is an investment I would recommend to any person interested in law school. I strongly urge you not to go with competitors because this course is the real deal. Stories of friends who took other courses truly lead me to believe that the other courses are mere imitations of the TestMasters material. TestMasters is the course that changed LSAT prep, and in hindsight, it is easy to see why.

UPDATE: After scoring a 164, I decided to retake the TestMasters course and subsequently scored a 170!”