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University of Oklahoma

Before TestMasters: 147

After TestMasters: 156

“Taking an LSAT prep course from TestMasters was the best decision I could have made. I signed up with TestMasters mostly because of the recommendations of several of my friends who had previously taken a course with this company. I figured it would be just like the other companies in quality and structure, but after talking to friends who have taken prep courses with other companies, I can say confidently that TestMasters is the most thorough, well-structured LSAT prep course on the market.

What struck me the most about TestMasters were the instructors. My instructor had a great answer for every question and conveyed every strategic concept with clarity and precision. From what he told us about the hiring process for TestMasters instructors, I have no doubt that every instructor is this good. On top of his capability as an instructor, he was able to share real-world insight into life as a law school student. He discussed the responsibilities and work habits expected of law students. His insight was just as helpful to me as learning the strategies.

On my first diagnostic I scored a 147, which is in the 32nd percentile of scorers. After the prep course I scored a 156, which is in the 68th percentile of scorers. Simply put, without the prep course I would not be able to go to a good law school. Thanks to TestMasters I now have the ability to attend a respectable law school and pursue my career of choice.”