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Before TestMasters: 167

After TestMasters: 173

“After having previously taken an LSAT prep course from Kaplan, I can honestly say TestMasters is the best prep course there is for anybody taking the LSAT. The most amazing resource, in my opinion, were the LSAT instructors. Each of my teachers could instantly recall other LSAT questions similar to ones that were giving me trouble and could deftly explain the logic behind each correct answer. Whenever I was having trouble with test-taking strategies, they always had great insight and advice to give me, whether it was on timing or how to approach certain question types. In addition to the superb quality of the instruction, TestMasters also provided the most comprehensive range of LSAT questions I have ever seen; they even gave us the latest LSAT before the one I took as the last diagnostic. Success on the LSAT definitely depends on how much time you put in to studying all of the materials, but only TestMasters gives you the means, motivation, and support necessary to achieve the highest score possible.”