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Tufts University

Before TestMasters: 159

After TestMasters: 178

“After taking TestMasters, I have no doubt that it is the best test prep course out there. Right from the beginning, TestMasters builds up your ability to use the tools necessary to handle any question that may come up, and the TestMasters philosophy and teaching methods were vital to my improving to the extent that I did. I had no need to buy any other practice materials or prepare in any other way. The course is organized very logically so that students can continually build on what they have already learned. TestMasters isn’t about teaching tricks, but rather about really understanding and learning how to tackle each question. Besides the in-class instruction, the TestMasters online services are extremely useful, thorough, and easy to navigate. The course offered so much well-organized practice that I felt completely confident on test day. The instructors are really committed to helping students, and they make sure that every concept is fully covered before moving ahead. I would recommend that anyone who is serious about taking the LSAT should enroll in a TestMasters course.”