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Yeshiva University

Before TestMasters: 148

After TestMasters: 163

“I never thought I would see a 15 point improvement from my original diagnostic to my final score on the June LSAT—I probably would not have without TestMasters! The instructor created a relaxed yet engaging learning environment, where students were not intimidated to ask questions; she was very helpful and was even willing to work with students after class. TestMasters is not out to provide future law students with an easy way out; enrolling in a TestMasters prep course means committing to a significant amount of time and work. (It was certainly a challenge for me to juggle the TestMasters workload along with my regular school work.) There are no tricks and shortcuts to the LSAT. As I took more practice tests and did more work on my own, I realized that in class, I was learning a new way of thinking that made me comfortable with almost any problem that I encountered. Unlike some other prep methods that teach somewhat rigid formulas for cracking the LSAT, TestMasters teaches a more universal method that can help someone break down and solve any problem. In addition, TestMasters provides abundant online resources, like written and video explanations, which were especially helpful. Copious amounts of practice materials from a series of logical reasoning questions and logic games and full-length practice tests allowed me to grow more and more comfortable with the test as I prepared. These opportunities to familiarize myself with the test really came in handy come test day. Thank you, TestMasters!!”