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Penn State University

Before TestMasters: 150

After TestMasters: 160

“I thoroughly researched the LSAT prep classes and found the expertise of instructors, course materials, and hours of instruction to be far superior at TestMasters. Having been out in the workforce for some time, I needed a strong ’kick start’ to the rigors of the LSAT. TestMasters provided that and more.

On my first diagnostic test I scored fair/poor, but by the end of the program I was totally confident and scored in the 70th percentile of my target schools, totally nailing logical reasoning, the area where I had been weak before.

My instructor Caitie Unkovic was outstanding…she should consider teaching as a career. The most important benefit to me was the focus on the homework and studying. It was well laid out and I could see the progress daily. On the actual test I was very confident and nothing on the exam surprised me. The overall structure of the course was by question and problem type, so this intense focus on one particular area of the test at a time really sharpened my skills.

Also I should say that the online materials, sample tests, videos of Robin and his explanations of answers, were all superior. I had access to all of the previous LSAT questions and tests in preparation for the exam.

Caitie and TestMasters got me ’in the money’ on my target schools. Thanks!”