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UC San Diego

Before TestMasters: 134

After TestMasters: 158

“When I got my first diagnostic score back from TestMasters, which was a 134, I was very discouraged and considered withdrawing from the course. And if I had withdrawn from the course, I’d be submerging my head underwater for about two minutes or until I was about to drown, whichever came first, because I increased my score by 24 points. My LSAT score increased from 134 on my first diagnostic test to 158 on the actual LSAT and I owe it to TestMasters. This course isn’t just for anyone though. It’s only for those who actually want to do well on the LSAT and for those who are willing to invest the time to master the TestMasters techniques for the LSAT and apply them properly. If you can do that while taking the TestMasters course, I am confident that you will be completely satisfied with your score and with TestMasters.”