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UC Davis

Before TestMasters: 153

After TestMasters: 174

“The TestMasters program provided me with a useful framework for answering LSAT questions. TestMasters breaks the LSAT questions up into different categories, and has students concentrate on learning to handle them one by one. This makes preparing for the LSAT sections much more manageable. The strategies TestMasters provided were very helpful, especially for the Logic Games portion of the test. This was my weakest category before I started the class, but became my strongest by the time I took the LSAT.

By providing bi-weekly classes, TestMasters made it much easier to manage my time while preparing for the LSAT. When I tried preparing on my own, I found it too easy to put off studying for whatever else came up. Having to show up for regular classes made preparing for the LSAT a priority rather than an afterthought, as it should be for every test taker. Thanks to the class, my LSAT score went up by 21 points from my first diagnostic. This was the difference between a 153 and a 174. Thanks TestMasters!”