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Haverford College

Before TestMasters: 149

After TestMasters: 171

“Intro: I came into the LSAT TestMasters class 20 months removed from college, brain ice cold, never having seen an LSAT question before. On my first diagnostic I got a 149. Four months later I was staring, jaw-dropped, at an e-mail telling me I got an LSAT score of 171. 98th percentile baby. This is my story.

I was getting ready to call Princeton Review to sign up for their LSAT class. For no other reason than I knew it existed, and Princeton sounded smart. Yes, I’m a marketing sucker. Fortunately, a friend of mine had taken the LSAT previously and recommended something called TestMasters. ‘Why?’ I wanted to know, should I drop the extra $300 for something I had never heard of? Her response: ‘It actually teaches you logic. And I’ve seen materials from other classes—they don’t compare to TestMasters.’ I checked her wallet for a TestMasters employment ID card - none existed. I was convinced and I signed up.

I took the spring class in New York in preparation for the June 16th test. From the start I knew I’d made the right choice. For the first 5 weeks, stopwatches don’t exist. It’s about getting the questions right, understanding why, understanding what the question is asking, and most importantly understanding the logic behind it all. My instructor was a great teacher for this. She was patient with every question and explained everything to us ‘like we were 6-year-olds’ to steal a Denzel quote from ‘Philadelphia.’ This was critical - the LSAT is unlike any test you’ve ever taken. Every word matters, every word that’s NOT there matters, every comma matters, and to assume will make an...well you know the expression.

What works at TestMasters is the methodical pace and timing of the classes. Each class focuses on one question type, and the repetitions in the homework hammer the lesson home. The next class builds off of the concepts learned from the previous class. If you’re building a little ‘logic house’ in your brain, each class is a brick of its own that cannot be laid until the previous layer has settled in. Once the lessons have ended, there is a month left for you to work out the kinks in your own testing. For me, I had to work on games. Between the lesson books and the website, there was enough extra material to work through my weaknesses until I was satisfied. By the end of that month, games were my anchor and I was getting them all right. Most importantly, all of the questions are from real LSATs: I know for a fact Princeton review makes up many of its questions. By the beginning of June, I was doing—literally and figuratively —LSAT questions in my sleep.

TestMasters is geared towards teaching you to think the way law schools want you to think. It’s not all about test-taking tricks or memorization; the focus of the class was to provide a theoretical foundation upon which to build your understanding of the test. Do the work, show up to class, and take the diagnostics seriously, and there is no reason you can’t see a 22-point jump in your score like I did. I was looking at state schools before—now the top 10 is within reach. I have my teacher and TestMasters to thank.”