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Before TestMasters: 163

After TestMasters: 171

“Enrolling in TestMasters was one of the best decisions I have ever made. TestMasters provided me with the flexibility to take the course in multiple locations which was crucial to my ability to prepare for the LSAT. I spent the first two weeks of the course in San Jose, CA and the second two in Atlanta, GA. When I left California, I was nervous that the teaching abilities of my TestMasters instructor were unusually good, and that I’d be disappointed by my instructor in Atlanta. My worries were unfounded. My instructor in Atlanta was just as fun, enthusiastic, and articulate as the instructor I’d had in San Jose. My instructors not only explained why the correct answer should be chosen, but also why the wrong answers were incorrect, which took more effort on their part but was invaluable in terms of learning how to master the LSAT. After all the homework and the diagnostics under test conditions, I was confident that I would be able to remain calm during the real test no matter what questions were thrown at me.”