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UC Berkeley

Before TestMasters: 158

After TestMasters: 174

“Quite simply, there is no better way to prepare for the LSAT then to take a TestMasters course. You might be able to get a 170+ by yourself if you’re a naturally talented logician/reader and have the amazing willpower it takes to study for something like the LSAT on your own. But for all you normal people like me out there, this course will improve your score. And if you take the time to do most of the homework and practice diagnostics on your own once you have a grasp of the methods that the course will teach your score will improve dramatically! I started off with a score of 158, which was terrible for me because I planned to apply to the top law schools in the nation. By taking the course I was exposed to strategies for dealing with the many different questions types of the LSAT which by myself I never would have bothered to identify and differentiate. All three of the instructors I ended up receiving lessons from were clear, engaging and made me feel like doing well on the test was very well within my reach. By the end of the course I was consistently scoring in the 170s on diagnostics and ended up scoring a 174 on the actual test. If you are in my position where your score is nowhere near the mark you want it to be at and the idea of trying to crack the LSAT on your own seems like an overwhelming burden to you, take this course! It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your professional career should you eventually become a lawyer. It was certainly one of the best decisions I ever made.”