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Before TestMasters: 142

After TestMasters: 160

“This was my second time taking the LSAT, and the first time studying for it the way TestMasters showed me. Yes, I’ll admit, I’d taken TestMasters before, but not in the way I was supposed to. Incomplete homework and skipped classes weren’t then, and are not now, the way to approach this test. At TestMasters, there are no shortcuts and no tricks. That’s because the LSAT has no shortcuts and no tricks. What makes you score higher, is deep familiarity with each type of logical strand used on the ‘modern’ LSAT. With TestMasters giving you every single problem since 1991, (the dawn of the modern LSAT) you have several thousand opportunities to make your skills taut. What really helped me was watching each explanation video of Robin Singh going through different questions, and then practicing that question or series of questions 2-3 times more to make sure I was solid on the concept. I can’t stress this enough: if you actively participate in class, utilize all the resources online, and actually do the work, your score will increase. Most likely by a lot. It is without hesitation that I recommend TestMasters.”