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UC Berkeley

Before TestMasters: 168

After TestMasters: 179

“Without a doubt, I owe my LSAT score to TestMasters and my instructor. The course taught me how to think through every type of LSAT question clearly and calmly. My instructor knew how to explain the lesson material to us in a way that, while easy to grasp, never felt dumbed-down or juvenile. The lessons were well-organized, and the homework problems and diagnostics gave me more than ample practice at even very difficult types of LSAT questions. I never felt that a minute of class time was wasted, but I also found the class a great deal more interesting and enjoyable than I had expected LSAT prep to be. The class taught us real skills that work all the time and on every question, rather than “tricks” that only help you pick up a few points some of the time. Come test day, I was able to succeed because I knew the course had prepared me exceptionally well. I felt confident in my ability to work through any question, and that confidence allowed me to walk into the LSAT thinking clearly and ready to work effectively on the test.”