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St. John's University

Before TestMasters: 139

After TestMasters: 153

“The decision to select TestMasters as my LSAT prep course was not easy because of finances and their less expensive competitors. However, testimonials like the one I am writing helped me make the best decision I’ve made in my journey towards law school. I had a 14-point increase taking the one-month accelerated course with Parker Winship at their Manhattan location! Everything about the structure of the course (evening classes for professionals like myself), the materials provided (including 8 practice exams), real-life proctoring, formal class instruction with top-scoring teachers, and so many practice exercises using the online portal, makes Test Masters an outstanding prep course. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been accepted to law school with such ease were it not for this program. If I saw such improvement with just the one-month course option, just imagine what a longer course could yield. So, if you have the opportunity, time, and means, do yourself a favor and choose TestMasters!”