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University of Alabama

Before TestMasters: 149

After TestMasters: 169

“I am so glad I made the decision to take the TestMasters LSAT course. I really think that TestMasters was the reason that I went from having a decent score to having a score to make my biggest law school dreams a reality. I did every practice test and all of the homework, and could not have felt more prepared going into test day. Normally I am an anxious test taker, but I knew TestMasters had equipped me with what I needed. I felt that I could really attack every section because of what I learned. I also really liked that if I was unable to make a class, I could easily access the material online. Through this, the class provided structure, but also allowed for some flexibility. All of the explanations were extremely thorough—both online and from my instructor. One of my favorite parts about the course was the academic support as well, which I found with no other course. If I had a question, I would have a response from an actual person in less than 24 hours that would go into depth even beyond what was necessary to answer the question. With TestMasters I felt like the approach was not just getting correct answers, but understanding the reasoning behind all the questions. I think TestMasters can be crafted to any learning style, so I genuinely recommend it for anyone that wants a great LSAT score.”