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Hunter College

Before TestMasters: 143

After TestMasters: 167

“I took TestMasters with Chloe Hurley in preparation for the December 2015 LSAT. When I first started, it was the first time I had ever seen the LSAT and my score was a disappointing 143. With the help of TestMasters, I was able to score a 167 on the real thing after only 12 weeks of study. Chloe was consistently energetic and upbeat even though the class was from 6:00 to 10:00 at night and she made the course as interesting as possible, even through some especially tedious and frustrating material. She consistently answered all my questions, no matter how annoying or repetitive they were, in the most thorough ways possible and never made me feel dumb (even though sometimes I probably was). In the rare instance that she didn’t quite know the best explanation for something, she would go out of her way to find out the answer and relay it to the class, She was great and I would highly recommend her class to anyone preparing for the LSAT.

Beyond that, I was able to consistently watch refresher videos of Robin Singh teaching the lessons online, which was always helpful, especially after a particular exhausting evening or a particularly difficult concept that needed a little more practice. Beyond that, the online academic support is literally the best. It’s like having a tutor without the extra cost – any question I had, they consistently made sure to answer in the best way possible . One moment stands out: there was this one instructor Anastasia that recognized I was being lazy in my formulating of questions because I just wanted it explained to me without actually thinking why I got the wrong answer. She told me “I’m going to push back and I want you to explain what your actually thinking on this was” At first I was irked at this because as we all know when you don’t understand something, it’s easy (and less embarrassing ) to just say explain it to me, but after a few times of this, I would get halfway through trying to explain my thought process and literally say “OH, that’s where I went wrong” and I can’t be more appreciative to her for making me work harder. This class obviously requires work (a lot of it), no one’s going to be doing it for you, but if you put the time and effort in, the support system is there to guide you through it and help you get the best score you can.”