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Before TestMasters: 158

After TestMasters: 171

“TestMasters ensured that I faced no surprises on test day. For the logical reasoning section, the course went through each of the 15 question types that show up on the test, and described several different approaches for breaking down each question type, and solving them successfully. The same rigor was applied to the sessions on figuring out reading comprehension and logic games.

The course contains a multitude of practice tests, which are helpful for practice, and for simulating the conditions of such a lengthy test, which it is helpful to be mentally prepared for. In addition, the huge amount of practice questions enables you to perfect your skills in whichever way is best for you. For example, to increase my speed on logic games, I would do them one at a time, and try to solve each game in under eight minutes.

Finally, the videos in the online course were helpful in that they allowed me to go at my own pace, and also return to concepts that I found difficult to grasp the first time. Watching each video three or four times helped me get a firm grasp on each concept before then applying it myself.

By understanding the approach to take for each question type, and practicing, practicing, practicing, I (with the help of TestMasters) improved from a 158 on my first diagnostic test to a 171 on the actual LSAT.”