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University of Pennsylvania

Before TestMasters: 156

After TestMasters: 168

“In preparing for the LSAT, I consulted a number of friends who’d already gone through the process and asked which prep course they would recommend. The only name that came up was TestMasters. After taking the course and the actual exam, I can count myself among the multitude who would highly recommend TestMasters. The course prepares you by systematically dissecting and familiarizing you with every possible question type. The course schedule and pacing introduces you to the core necessary skills and builds on them through each subsequent lesson. In addition, my instructor was excellent. She patiently and thoroughly went over each homework assignment, explaining in detail every answer choice. The in-class work and discussions helped me tackle many questions that I would probably have otherwise stumbled on. In addition, the online content, such as the video explanations by Robin Singh, extra question sets by section type, and additional past LSAT exams really rounds out the program well. The online diagnostic scoring system was very helpful, as it could be used to pinpoint my areas of weakness. It took me some time to really get used to the program and feel like I was making progress. However, if you truly apply yourself and take advantage of the material, it’s very hard not to see your score improve. The TestMasters course does a marvelous job at rigorously exercising your brain and preparing you for the real thing.”