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Cal State Northridge

Before TestMasters: 148

After TestMasters: 155

“Like most prospective law students, I spent a great deal of time contemplating over which prep course would be the most helpful with the LSAT. I did not take TestMasters the first time—a decision I regret to this day. After receiving my December LSAT score, I enrolled in a TestMasters course with hopes that I could see substantial improvement in not only my logic reasoning skills, but also my LSAT score. Thanks to TestMasters, my June LSAT score improved by 9 points. What I found most helpful about TestMasters was the approach they take in teaching the skills necessary to solving the questions on the LSAT, as well as turning what is a seemingly impossible task, into an achievable one. Specifically, instead of spending a majority of the class time lecturing, my instructor Masjo Ward taught the various methods by applying them to actual LSAT problems. As a visual learner, I found this approach very helpful. TestMasters also provides their students with an ample amount of practice and additional diagnostic exams—all of which I highly recommend all students utilize. Thanks to TestMasters I am now ready to apply to law school!”