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UC Berkeley

Before TestMasters: 158

After TestMasters: 170

“TestMasters was highly recommended to me by co-workers who had great experiences and results from the class! After taking the live course in San Francisco with Amelia Brasher, I really improved my LSAT score and learned so much from the class. Amelia was an amazing instructor and was great at explaining difficult concepts and keeping classes enjoyable. The online resources, such as the videos of Robin teaching problems and sections of the course, are a great supplement to the course. I was amazed at how quickly TestMasters instructors would respond to questions submitted through the online component of the course. I particularly found the proctored LSAT practice tests helpful and really appreciated the number of LSAT practice tests and supplemental sections for the LSAT that TestMasters provided. I definitely felt prepared for the LSAT after taking TestMasters, and would absolutely recommend it to any students looking for a great LSAT prep course.”